LIS – Logistics Information System
A military information system

The Logistic Information System (LIS) is a military information system developed specifically for the needs of the Armed Forces. Armed forces require 100% reliability and effectiveness at all time. AURA operates to the same principle for the supply and support of our comprehensive information systems for military logistics.

It is designed to:

Increase strategic advantage

Enhance military capability

Upgrade to the era of military logistics 4.0

LIS Functions

LIS Strategic Advantages

Materiel codification according to the principles of the NATO Codification system (NCS)

Comprehensive control and monitoring of the Item Life Cycle

Abiding the “MC 0319/3 –NATO Principles and Policies for Logistics” – Logistics Information Management

Compliance with the requirements “AJP 4.11 – Allied Joint Doctrine for NATO Asset Visibility”

Integrated solution for all supply classes, service branches and levels of the armed forces: strategic, operational and tactical

Optimization of logistic resources in the Joint Operation Area in accordance with “BI-SC – Operations Logistics Chain Management (OLCM) Roadmap”