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We are experienced in
Complex Information Systems

Since 34 years,
Operating in worldwide.

Q AURA is a locally established Qatari Entity. representing AURA s.r.o., located in Brno, Czech Republic (European Silicon Valley). AURA s.r.o has been a trusted presence in the market for over 34 years. We have long term experience in the area of complex information systems. We Proven track record working with different cultures worldwide.

Secured interfaces to logistic systems.

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Our Solutions For Your Needs

Data Cleansing

At Q AURA, we understand the paramount importance of clean, reliable data for your business's success. Our Data Cleansing Services are tailored to empower your organization with accurate, consistent, and trustworthy data.

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Codification according to NATO Standards

Unlock the power of standardized codification with QAura's NATO Standards service. We specialize in aligning your inventory, logistics, and procurement processes with the rigorous standards set by NATO.

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Optimising Logistics Processes

At Q AURA, we understand the critical role logistics play in modern businesses. Our Optimizing Logistics Processes service is designed to streamline and elevate your logistics operations, empowering your business with efficiency and agility.

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Publi - eLibrary

Controlled distribution of documents with sensitive content. Creating & sharing individual documents including validation checks.

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It's a codification and data cleansing tool. A cutting-edge codification software tool for codifying items as per NATO standards.

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LIS - Logistics Information System

The Logistic Information System (LIS) is a military information system developed specifically for the needs of the Armed Forces.

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Training and Consultancy

It's a codification and data cleansing tool. A cutting-edge codification software tool for codifying items as per NATO standards.

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Elevating Operations with Precision Solutions
Streamlining Logistics Excellence

Our Mission

Discover unparalleled efficiency with our comprehensive suite of logistics solutions.

  • Revenue: 36 Million QAR yearly.
  • Number of employees: 100+
  • Total projects so far: 200+

Established Company

From the precision of the MC CATALOGUE NATO Codification System to meticulous Data Cleansing services, and the development of bespoke policies and procedures for seamless logistics operations, we redefine excellence in the industry

  • AllanWeb
  • Bruhn Newtech
  • CodeCreator
  • DataCraft
  • ProDeal
  • SRC
  • Saab

Our Vision

Elevate your digital content management with Publi and optimize logistics processes with our advanced Logistics Information System (LIS). Experience the future of logistics management, where precision meets innovation, with our core offerings designed to propel your operations forward.

Our Team
Professional Individuals

Our power of choice is untrammelled and when nothing prevents being able to do what we like best every pleasure.

Dr. Ali Al Shuaibi

CEO | Founder

Managing Director | Founder